Keystone X-L Announcement Scheduled

The Proposed Keystone XL Pipeline has drawn protests in Nebraska and in Washington D.C. during its consideration.

We will have a decision by the end of November on the Keystone X-L Pipeline. The proposed route across Nebraska is the last piece of the puzzle in a battle that’s gone on at the State and Federal levels for years.

The Nebraska Public Service commission will rule on the proposed route across Nebraska. The decision will be released during the Commission’s regular meeting on November 30th. It also will be streamed live @
as well as on the PSC Facebook page. The final Order will be posted to the PSC website @
< >.

President Barack Obama denied the developer, Trans Canada, a permit to cross the U-S Canadian Border after years of studies and controversy. President Donald Trump, after taking office, reversed the order and granted the permit. That left only the pending decision by the Nebraska PSC in the way of regulatory approval. The $8 Billion pipeline was proposed to carry Canadian Tar Sands Oil to refineries along the U.S. Gulf Coast.

The separate Nebraska review was ordered by a Federal Judge after landowners and environmentalists protested that it could pollute the Ogallala Aquifer, the area’s major water supply, as it crossed the Nebraska Sandhills.



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