NU Announces More Cuts, But No RIFS

University of Nebraska President Hank Bounds

The University of Nebraska system has released plans for another round of budget cuts, but still has made none of the predicted layoffs. The latest list of cuts, about five million dollars worth, will be added to the twenty four million announced a month ago.

University of Nebraska President Hank Bounds revealed in his early August announcement that his goal is to cut forty nine million in annual operating and payroll expenses. The cuts are being made in response to cuts in the University’s State Budget Appropriation, made in response to the State’s slowing economy.

Tuesday’s announcement includes elimination of cell-phone reimbursements, lowering the maximum vacation accrual, mandated use of a single travel agency, creation of a single system wide printing operation, cutting communication and marketing expenses, and consolidation of custodial, landscape and building maintenance services.

Earlier in the process, Bounds said 100 or more positions may be eliminated, but so far none have been cut. He emphasized at the time that as many reductions as possible would be made by eliminating open positions, but added that cutting people is inevitable.

Additional internal teams in safety and parking are exploring ways to integrate their operations and save dollars, and other teams in research services and institutional research are examining ways to work together.

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