Paul Durban Show

In a world that is becoming increasingly more polarized, Paul Durban and co-host Jill St. James set out to find common ground among the day’s latest headlines and trending topics. Featuring local and national guests, the show covers topics from serious to silly in an attempt to bring understanding to our diverse community.

Paul Durban

Originally from the Los Angeles area, Paul moved to Lincoln over a dozen years ago in support of his wife’s career. Although they were only supposed to spend a couple of years in Nebraska, the Capital City grew on them and they decided Lincoln would be the best place to raise a family. And they were right!

Paul is a student of improvisational comedy and has been performing improv for over 25 years. He has also directed and performed in numerous play and musicals throughout his career.

“I am most excited by ideas,” exclaims Paul. “They are the seeds by which anything of value is created. Although not all ideas are workable, they should never be shunned or feared. I like to say ‘yes!’ first, then sort out the details later. Everyone has something of value to share if we know how to listen.”

Paul and his wife, Lauren, have four children that keep them very busy. In his spare time… oh, who are we kidding. Paul has no spare time.

If you have any comments or ideas for the show, please don’t hesitate to drop Paul an email at And be sure to check Paul’s Blog.

Jill St. James

Jill grew up in a small farming community of Wilsonville about 40 miles southeast of McCook, NE, with a population of 280.

Her passion for radio began at age 9, when she and her brother received their own transistor radios on Christmas Eve, and both stayed up all night listening to KOMA in Oklahoma City. After her senior year in high school, Jill was hired by a radio station in McCook, working the night shift for minimum wage, just over $3 an hour. There was some announcing involved, but mostly light cleaning. But it was radio, and she was hooked.

Jill received her Bachelor’s in Journalism from UNL and her first real job was as a copywriter for KFOR in 1989. Through her 25-year career, Jill has held various positions within the Lincoln radio community as an on-air personality, commercial production, administrative support, promotions and, for a brief moment, sales.

After working for another radio group in Lincoln, Jill returned to KFOR in December of 2011. “It was like coming full-circle. I was so grateful to return to a radio station that has such a rich heritage and presence in the community. It is rare you can work at a station that has touched the lives of so many for nearly nine decades.”

Jill is married to “Officer Tim”, has a teenage son named Ben and a cute little cockapoo named Toby. In her free time, she loves listening to music, watching movies, cooking, walking and working in the yard.