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Thank you for listening to the Trading Post! Make sure to give us a call Saturday morning at 402-489-1240 or send us an email item in the entry form at the bottom of the page.

If you want to listen to the most recent Trading Post show (4/21), you can listen below:

And here are the items that were listed on the Post Saturday (4/14/2018):


Norma (402-420-0988)
Selling Mother’s Day plates, priced to sell.

Mary (402-464-1221)
Selling a Weber 2-burner gas grill: $75
Selling a 2-seat patio swing: $100
Selling a patio box: $50

Doris (402-202-3829)
Selling a Basset china hutch: $120
Selling a portable sewing machine: $50
Selling a sewing machine case: $50

Marsha (402-474-6369)
Selling flower pots

Marlene (402-440-8448)
Selling a glider/rocker: $50
Selling a keychain collection: $50
Giving away a free flatscreen tv

Sheila (402-489-3176)
Looking for a hard-shell violin case

Marty (402-785-7885)
Selling a 1970s green recliner
Giving away strawberry plants, lilies

Lee (402-484-7197)
Selling a loveseat: $75

Barb (402-489-8588)
Looking for an outdoor aluminum chaise lounge chair

Shirley (402-464-7304)
Giving away a computer monitor
Giving away an older 20in TV
Giving away a child’s school desk
Selling a handmade baby doll cradle: $15

Eileen (402-466-0532)
Selling a punch fountain: $10
Selling a collapsible, lightweight wheel chair: $50

Gailen (402-466-4444)
Selling two used whitewall R15, 75in tires: $65
Giving away a 32in TV

Chuck (402-785-2495)
Selling a round concrete picnic table: $100


Trading Post

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