Governor Congratulates Nebraskans Virus Fighting Efforts

Governor Pete Ricketts says Nebraskans are practicing good social distancing as the State continues to fight the spread of the Corona Virus.  Google data shared during his daily briefing showed that travel, shopping, and general hours in workplaces were all lower than normal.  Traffic through parks and recreation areas was up by 56 percent.  The Governor has asked all Nebraskans to focus on 21 days to “stay home and stay healthy”.

The Governor also addressed questions about the State’s Prisons, where one staff member of the State Penitentary tested positive for the Corona Virus.  He said it would be unwise  the release inmates early simply to avoid the virus.  “If we release them before they have the progrsmming they need’ he said, “they stand a higher chance of re-offending and returning to the prison system.”  He went on to say that inmates will have access to the medical facilities in the prisons if they need them.

Corrections Director Scott Frakes said efforts to flatten the curve and fight the virus in the State’s prisons actually began several months ago as they prepared for the flu season.  Since then, he said, one staff member of the Penitentary has tested positive for Covid 19, and has been quarantined for 15 days without returning to work.  He added that no inmates have tested positive.

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