Nebraska Moves Up In National Health Rankings

Nebraska has improved to seventh in the nation in the Mercatus Center’s Healthcare Openness and Access Project (HOAP) rankings. Previously, Nebraska had ranked 12th among all states.

The report was good news to Governor Pete Ricketts. “From occupational licensing reform to the University of Nebraska Medical Center, Nebraska is a leader in healthcare,” the Governor said. “Whether it is business plans for the Department of Health and Human Services or Senator Riepe’s work around direct primary care, we will continue to look for opportunities to deliver better service and expand options for consumers.”

Nebraska scored 3.67 out of 5. The national average is a 3.24. The overall score is a composite of 10 distinct categories. Of these categories, Nebraska scored the highest in public health, medical liability, and occupational regulation.

Nebraska’s individual report is here:

The full nationwide report from the Mercatus Center can be found at this address:



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