2022 Primary Election turnout predictions by NE Secretary Of State Evnen

(KFOR NEWS  May 9, 2022)   While Nebraskans are deciding for whom to vote in the Nebraska primary election, Secretary of State Bob Evnen has prepared his prediction for voter turnout.

As in 2006, many voters have changed their party affiliation to vote for Governor,  Although I don’t have a crystal ball, looking at the current number of early ballots that have been returned, a rough prediction for voter turnout in the 2022 primary election is trending about 35%,” Evnen said.

Most Nebraskans continue to prefer going to the polls but many Nebraska voters across the state have requested early voting ballots,” stated Secretary Evnen. There have been 227,679 early ballot requests processed so far, including ballots sent to all-mail precincts and counties. To date, 122,679 ballots have been returned.

Secretary Evnen encourages voters to return their ballots to their county elections office. Ballots can be returned up to the close of the polls at 8:00 pm (CT) and 7:00 pm (MT) on May 10.

The polls will be open on May 10 at 8:00 am (CT) 7:00 am (MT) for those who would like to vote at the polls in Nebraska’s primary election.

Each polling location and onsite voting location is required to have available an accessible voting device for use by voters with disabilities. Nebraska has Express Vote ballot marking devices at every polling place for those who are visual/hearing impaired and with wheelchair accessibility. The Express Vote device prints a paper ballot and is set up and operational for disabled voters to cast their ballot independently, privately, and securely.

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