A judge has signed an arrest warrant for Husker running back Maurice Washington, who is facing charges in California. Washington is facing charges under California’s revenge porn law, as well as possession of child pornography. He is accused of keeping and sending a video of his ex-girlfriend’s reported sexual assault to her, along with the message “remember this, ho.” According to Clarissa Hamilton, the supervisor of the sexual assault unit in the Santa Clara County Attorney’s Office, the arrest warrant was signed thursday.

In a statement released on Tuesday, Washington’s lawyer, John Ball, said Washington would return to California and “self-surrender.”  It is unclear when Washington will head back to California or when a court date may take place.

Hamilton said now that the warrant has been signed, the case can start progressing.

“There are two options. We can extradite him or he can self- surrender. I do not have a timeline for when either of those options would occur but the Defense is cooperating and now that there is an active warrant the case can move forward,” Hamilton said.