Less Than 10% of Americans Call COVID a ‘Crisis’ as Mandates Ease

(KFOR NEWS  April 13, 2021)   (NEWSWEEK-Jon Jackson)  Most Americans now call the COVID-19 pandemic either a “manageable” problem or “not a problem at all,” according to a poll released Tuesday. Meanwhile, only 9 percent referred to the pandemic as a “serious crisis.”

The Axios/Ipsos poll for the outlets’ joint Coronavirus Index found more Americans said they are returning to activities that they enjoyed before the pandemic hit. The survey results suggested a return to normalcy for many Americans, though the respondents were not directly asked if their attitudes were affected by “pandemic fatigue” or because they felt safer due to vaccines and declining rates of infections.

The publication of the poll comes as health data showed COVID cases are increasing in some areas of the country. On Monday, the city of Philadelphia announced it will reinstate an indoor mask mandate after a 50% increase in reported COVID-19 cases over the course of 10 days. Additionally, the World Health Organization (WHOsaid on Monday that it is watching cases of two new sub-variants of the highly transmissible Omicron strain that could potentially cause more of a case uptick.

The poll also found that 44% of Americans said they still wear a mask outside their homes “at least sometimes,” while 34% said they had practiced social distancing in the past week.

Meanwhile, 65% of the survey respondents said they had gone out to eat in the past week, and 66 percent said they had visited friends or family.

Support for businesses requiring proof of vaccination also declined. In early February, a similar Axios/Ipsos poll found that 51% of people said they supported businesses mandating proof of vaccination from customers before they were allowed to enter stores or restaurants.  Now, only 36% said they support businesses requiring that proof.

Americans are also less likely to say they support their state or local governments requiring masks in all public places.  44% said they back the requirement in the new survey, down from 50% last month.

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