Lincoln Fire and Rescue Does Routine Maintenance to Handle Winter Weather Elements

LINCOLN–(KFOR Jan. 22)–The recent snow storms and bitterly cold temperatures posed as additional challenges for Lincoln Fire and Rescue in fighting recent working fires across the city.

But there are some things LFR does ahead of time to prepare for the elements.

Chief Dave Engler told KFOR’s Carol Turner in an interview on Jan. 17 they have extended response times in wintry conditions.  They use chains on the tires of some of their fleet vehicles to help in responding to emergency calls.

“In the end, it gets us there quickly because we’re not slipping around and we’re able to get through the streets,” Engler said.

With medical emergencies, Chief Engler said driveways that are not plowed present challenges for paramedics trying to bring cots up to a house to haul patients into their ambulances.  Keeping medications and equipment warm is another challenge in making sure they don’t freeze up.

To prevent freeze ups before going out on fire calls, Engler said they have to crack their hose lines when they aren’t out on a response.

“And have water flowing when we’re not actually fighting a fire.  Otherwise, the hoses will actually freeze up.”

Engler also says part of the equipment set up for firefighters is to wear cleats on their boots, so they maintain traction on slick surfaces.

To hear more of the conversation, visit the podcast page at and click on “KFOR Morning News” to find the interview with Chief Engler.