2nd Annual AAA Nebraska – Lincoln Touch a Truck Family Event

(KFOR October 8, 2022) AAA Nebraska in Lincoln will be hosting a free Touch – A – Truck family event, this Saturday, to highlight public safety on the roadways and the importance of moving over for all vehicles on the roadside. At the event, children and families are welcome to climb in, explore, touch, and learn more about public safety vehicles as organizations discuss the Slow Down, Move Over law and educate motorists to “Move Over for Me” – or move over for any disabled vehicle on the roadside.

While all 50 states have a Slow Down, Move Over law, nearly a quarter of all motorists still don’t know these laws exist. From 2016-2020, on average each year nearly 350 people were struck and killed while outside a disabled vehicle on the roadside. This does not include those that were critically injured or walked away from an incident. A tow truck driver is killed at the roadside every other week

Traffic safety is at the core of what AAA stands for, and that means keeping drivers safe on the roadways as well as at the roadsides. Events like this are held to help make the roads safe for all motorists including the public and professionals that work along the roadways.  Please join us!

Event Date:    Saturday, October 8, 2022

Time:              10:00am – 1:00pm

Location:        AAA Lincoln Parking Lot, 2900 O St., Lincoln, NE 68510

There will be multiple public agencies bringing vehicles including a State Patrol Squad, Lincoln Police Department Vehicles, Fire Truck, AAA Tow Truck, Ghostbusters Nebraska, 10/11 News Weather Vehicle and others. This event is open to the public with free admission and is family friendly. The event will occur outdoors rain or shine, so be prepared either way.

In addition to traffic-safety themed giveaways, there are also photo opportunities and a toy car we will be raffled off.