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Additional COVID Adjustments At LPS

(KFOR NEWS  November 24, 2021)   At Tuesday night’s Lincoln Public Schools Board of Education meeting, Superintendent, Steve Joel, gave the following update about changes being made to address staff concerns:

  • Zoom from home: Starting Monday, Nov. 29, participants are allowed to Zoom from home for meetings and professional learning that are scheduled after contract time, and have previously been scheduled as Zoom or hybrid. An example might include a liaison meeting that has already been set as a Zoom meeting. Regularly scheduled, in-person, staff meetings, MDT/IFSP/IEP meetings, and professional learning will continue as normal without a Zoom option.
  • Additional time off: Subject to a Memorandum of Understanding with the Lincoln Education Association, we are proposing giving both January 4 and May 26 (currently non-student days) as days off. In the current negotiated agreement, teachers can select either January 4 and May 26 as a plan day and take the other one off. Instead, we propose giving both of these days to our staff as days off. LPS will keep our schools open for any teacher to have the option to work in the school, work from home, or take the day to focus on their own wellbeing. We will communicate more information to you as soon as the details are finalized.
  • Suspend appraisals: Pending approval from the Nebraska Department of Education, we will suspend all appraisals for certified staff, non-probationary or no performance concerns for the remainder of the year.
  • District administrator meetings: To keep administrators in their buildings, we will move district administrator meetings to Zoom after Tuesday, Nov. 30. This will allow administrators to aid teachers with issues as they arise in the buildings.

Again, these changes take effect Monday, November 29th.

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