All NE House Members Vote Against Protecting Access To Birth Control

(KFOR NEWS  July 22, 2022)    All three Nebraska Republican members of the House voted Thursday against protecting access to birth control, the latest move in a broader effort by Democrats to enshrine into federal law rights they fear could come under threat by the Supreme Court following its decision to wipe away the constitutional right to an abortion.

The vote was 228-195, with eight Republicans joining every Democrat in voting in favor.  Mike Flood from the 1st District, Don Bacon from the 2nd District and Adrian Smith from the 3rd District were among 195 “no” votes from Republicans.

Congressman Flood’s Democratic opponent in the November election, Patty Pansing Brooks, issued an immediate statement condemning Flood’s vote:
If you weren’t concerned before, wake up and pay attention. Mike Flood’s no vote to protect a person’s right to contraception is beyond comprehension. Basic freedoms like contraception, that many of us have taken for granted, are now up in the air, creating enormous health consequences for people across our country. Today’s (Thursday) vote illustrates why the district needs a Congresswoman who will protect our right to privacy. We must ensure that people are free to make their own decisions about when to become pregnant and have children. This freedom is fundamental to our humanity. Today’s vote by Mike Flood follows previous votes against interracial marriage, same sex marriage, women’s critical access to health care and alert systems to keep people safe during mass shootings. The stakes in this election are high and the contrast between us becomes clearer each day. It is incumbent upon Nebraskans to stand up, speak out and vote.

The bill, called the Right to Contraception Act, now goes to Senate, where it is unlikely to attract the support of 10 Republicans needed to pass it.

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