Anonymous Letter is Latest Lead in Lincoln Man’s Disappearance

LINCOLN–(KFOR Jan. 31)–The Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday provided an update in their investigation of the missing person case involving 35-year-old Tyler Goodrich of Lincoln.

Sheriff’s Captain John Vik said family and friends recently shared on social media about an anonymous letter that was provided to Crime Stoppers toward the end of 2023.  He confirmed that the Sheriff’s Office also received that letter.

“Investigators are continuing to follow up on tips and leads on a daily basis,” Captain Vik said. “We’re also continuing to work with family and friends to gain additional information about the case with the ultimate goal of locating Tyler Goodrich.”

Goodrich has been missing since Nov. 3, 2023, when he was last seen leaving his home near SW 9th and West Burnham streets following an argument with his husband.  After nearly three months, Captain Vik says investigators are working daily to find any new leads in finding Goodrich.

Normally, law enforcement can contact people who submit tips online to Crime Stoppers. But Captain Vik mentioned it’s not that simple with a handwritten letter.

“With a paper letter, we’re not able to encourage the person who provided the letter so that we can at least have a dialogue back and forth,” Vik said.  The letter’s information didn’t provide investigators with any additional information and Vik would not elaborate further on what the letter said.  He did say they would like to speak to the person who wrote the anonymous letter.

If you do have information on the whereabouts of Tyler Goodrich, call Crime Stoppers at 402-475-3600.

This photo from KFOR’s Jeff Motz is looking west from SW 9th and West Burnham Street that shows law enforcement vehicles parked along the side of the road as investigators work in the land space to the left in searching for 35-year-old Tyler Goodrich.