Lincoln Police arrested a 53-year-old for first-degree forgery after he withdrew money from a victim’s bank account, and apparently had the person’s identification and bank documents.

Officer Angela Sand said Tuesday that on Monday (March 4) around 5:30 p.m., officers responded to a fraud call at Union Bank near 20th and O streets.

Officers found out that bank employees initiated a silent hold up alarm after a man who fraudulently withdrew money from a victim’s bank account at multiple locations.  The suspect withdrew over $2,000 from the victim’s bank and charged over $2,600 to the victim’s credit card, police said.

Officers contacted the suspect, Michael Woods, 53, who had a warrant for first-degree forgery. He was then taken into custody for his warrant.

Woods was also found to be in possession of the victim’s bank documents, driver’s license, and credit cards, Sands said.  Woods was also arrested for theft by deception, criminal impersonation, and first-degree forgery.