Bird Flu Found In Nebraska – 570,000 Chickens To Be Killed

(KFOR NEWS  March 23, 2022)   LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) – Nebraska agriculture officials say 570,000 broiler chickens will be slaughtered after bird flu was confirmed in the flock.

The Nebraska Agriculture Department said Tuesday avian influenza had been confirmed at a commercial operation in Butler County.  After this latest announcement more than 13 million chickens and turkeys in at least 8 states have been killed or will be destroyed soon.  The first infection this year was reported in Indiana on Feb. 9th.

Nebraska Department of Agriculture Director, Steve Wellman, said it is unfortunate that another case of bird flu has been confirmed in the state but it’s not completely unexpected with the highly contagious disease.  Health officials say the outbreak in birds doesn’t present an immediate public health concern to humans.

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