Blood Bank Needs Platelets

Picture by Dale Johnson, KFOR News

The Nebraska Community Blood Bank needs platelets, the portion of blood that allows for clotting.  Jessica Sodeke with NCBB tells KFOR NEWS platelets last only 5 days compared to whole blood lasting 42 days.  Whole blood is taken from the body, the platelets removed and the blood then returned back to the donor in a process that takes about 2 hours, compared to about 1 hour for a typical whole blood donation.  Please donate if you have the time.  If not, here are other times and locations where you can donate whole blood:

  •  Oct. 15th 9am-12pm
    333 South 13th Street
  •  Oct. 16th 8am-11:30am
    600 P Street Ste. 400
  •  Oct. 23rd 8am-11am
    Lincoln Police Department
  •  Oct. 30th 7am-1pm
    Bryan Health


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