BREAKING:  Statewide COVID-19 Update

(KFOR NEWS  March 13, 2020)   There are now 13 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Nebraska.  During an hourlong briefing, Governor Ricketts, pointed out all 13 cases are traceable, meaning health officials can work backwards to determine from where the person contracted the virus.  When untraceable cases are reported in a community or an area of the state, the governor said the state can move in to close schools and cancel public events in that area.  As the virus spreads, and the amount approaches 1%, Ricketts said the state will move in to close schools and public events statewide.

Joining Governor Ricketts at Friday’s briefing were officials from the state, including Commissioner of Education, Matthew Blomstedt and University of Nebraska President, Ted Carter.  Also at today’s briefing, representatives from school districts including Lincoln, Omaha and Millard.

Click here to listen to the entire briefing.

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