Bryan Re-Opens Covid Unit — Urges People To Get Vaccinated

Lincoln, NE (July 28, 2021) The rising number of Covid-19 cases has forced big changes at Bryan Hospital. CEO John Woodridge revealed today that Bryan’s Covid-19 unit has been re-opened. The hospital was treating 34 patients as of Noon Wednesday, just a month after it had gotten down to zero.

No visitors are allowed for Covid-19 patients, but Woodridge said continued growth in virus numbers could affect the policy on hospital visitors generally.

“If we continue at this rate, we’re going to have to revert back to what we did in the past, and that’s very difficult to do.”

In the past, during various stages of the Pandemic, Bryan has either prohibited visitors or allowed just one in each room at a time.

Bryan Spokesman Bob Ravenscroft says there is a disturbing trend, with younger patients requiring hospital care for the virus.

“For all of our in-patients, under the age of 50, 100% of them are unvaccinated.  For those over the age of 50, 91% are unvaccinated.  There are some breakthrough cases.”

Woodridge added that the patients today are being hit hard by the disease.

“These people are critically ill.  They have not received the vaccine.  We know this vaccine makes a huge difference, so our plea to you is if you haven’t received this vaccine, please go get it.”

Bryan Health Medical Director Dr. John Trapp said today that re-opening the Covid-19 unit has been stressful on all concerned.

“It’s frustrating for staff, it’s frustrating for patients.  This is our third wave of the Pandemic, and some even look at it as our fourth wave.  It’s hard to know how high this peak will be.  It creates a lot of stress on the staff, great stress on families, patients, of course, and again this is something that is potentially preventable.”

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