Ilario Bravo (Courtesy of Lincoln Police)

LINCOLN–(KFOR April 15)–Two men were arrested after they broke into a west Lincoln car dealership early Saturday morning (April 13).

Police say around 6am, the owner of A&R Auto in the 500 block of Sun Valley Boulevard received an alert by his security surveillance system, showing someone got into his office.  Once police showed up, the two suspects, 32-year-old Ilario Bravo and 27-year-old Cory Golden, were still inside.

Golden was arrested, after trying to kick a door open, while Bravo was found hiding in a closet.  More than $3,300 worth of items were piled in the middle of the office floor and in a getaway vehicle.  Everything was recovered.

Golden was arrested for burglary and possession of burglar tools, while Bravo was arrested for burglary.