The government-oriented cable channel C-Span parked its bus in front of the state capitol, Friday, opening the doors to the public for tours.

The bus has been making its way across the country to offer tours of the bus as well as give citizens the opportunity to speak about the issues our country faces that they believe Washington is not addressing as part of a research project called Voices from the Road.

KFOR News spoke with C-Span marketing representative Shannon Augustus about the features offered on the bus, comments received from citizens, and more locations that the bus will be visiting as it makes its way across America. She said the issues most frequently brought up when speaking to citizens include education, climate change, and homelessness, among others.

Augustus said that the bus is a mobile classroom that offers the public a chance to take government-oriented quizzes and find over 250,000 hours of archived information from C-Span’s 40 years of government reporting. The bus also acts as a “studio-on-wheels” for C-Span’s reporters to conduct interviews with politicians and citizens.

Augustus said the bus tours constantly among schools, government buildings, and civic organizations to educate people about C-Span and what the channel does.

To find comments and videos from Nebraska citizens at the C-Span bus, you can visit C-Span Bus’s Twitter page here.

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