Carbon Monoxide Leak Found In North Lincoln Senior Living Center

LINCOLN–(KFOR May 25)–A north Lincoln independent senior living facility had to be evacuated Wednesday afternoon, due to a carbon monoxide leak.

LFR was called to Stonecliff Estates at 5831 Enterprise Drive, near 27th and Fletcher, where two workers were power washing an underground garage and a safety fan used to detect high-levels of carbon monoxide didn’t start like it should. Crews showed up and got an initial 200ppm reading. CO2 detectors in homes start sounding alert tones at 35ppm.

As emergency crews went in to investigate, they got a reading of 500ppm. There was concern over getting into six rooms because there wasn’t a master key available, but LFR crews believe there wasn’t anyone in any of those rooms.

No reports of anyone getting sick and the two workers were taken to a Lincoln hospital and are expected to be fine.