Changes Planned For Dangerous Wahoo Intersection

Oct. 27, 2021 (Lincoln, Neb.) — Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT) has completed a  review of the intersection of U.S. Highway 77 (US-77) and Highway 109 (N-109), near the Wahoo  Airport.   

The review was triggered by two fatal accidents which took five lives over the past 14 months, and by numerous complaints. 

The Department said the review was conducted to examine existing conditions and driver behavior, and it was  determined that while this intersection was designed and constructed to standard highway criteria,  modifications to the intersection will improve the intersection’s performance.  

NDOT  met withlocal, county and state law enforcement and elected officials to discuss about the results  of this review, and they agreed on a number of modifications that will begin as  early as November. 

NDOT will begin work to close approach lanes in the east and west approaches on US-77 to three lanes  at each leg (left, through and right). The north and south approaches on N-109 will be reduced to a  single lane. In addition, the speed limit through the intersection will be reduced to 50 mph. Drivers can  expect to see different lane markings, traffic control devices and signage to help understand these  changes. 

In Summer 2022, NDOT will modify the intersection to a modular roundabout design.  The modular roundabout modification will be similar to the one constructed at the Pleasant Dale  roundabout south of Interstate 80 on N-103, and will fit within the existing footprint of the current  intersection. It will also still accommodate tractor-trailer vehicles. The charges are expected to take approximately  three months to complete and will include minor pavement work to strengthen the shoulder.