The Mayor’s Child Access to Firearms/Safe Storage Task Force final report is now available at (keyword: safe storage).  Former Mayor Chris Beutler created the task force in January to examine strategies to reduce access to firearms by children and promote safe storage of firearms in the community.

“I am grateful to the task force members for pouring their time and energy into producing this thorough report, and I look forward to working with Council to determine the next steps,” said Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird.

Chaired by Lincoln Police Department Captain Jason Stille, the 17-member task force included representatives of Nebraskans against Gun Violence, a local business owner, a public school official, law enforcement officers, a City Council member, and members of local nonprofits, as well as public health, medical and mental health professionals.  Task force duties were:

  • Examine local data on access to firearms by children and the theft or misuse of firearms to determine the extent to which firearm storage may be a factor.
  • Study research about safe storage practices and the prevention of child access to firearms.
  • Review strategies used in other communities.
  • Identify helpful practices that are currently in place in Lincoln, or that could be considered for implementation here.
  • Develop recommendations on how those helpful practices could be adopted, enhanced, or encouraged locally.

The group met six times over the past six months, and the report lays out a variety of options for the community to consider, such as a public education campaign, heightened enforcement of existing laws, community partnerships, and a safe storage ordinance.

The full URL of the report is

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