Child Almost Hit By Vehicle Leads To Scuffle Between Driver and Father

LINCOLN–(KFOR Aug. 4)–A fight between two men in the 5300 block of West Walker Avenue on Tuesday evening stemmed from one of the men stopping his car, after the other man’s 5-year-old child ran out into the street in front of the vehicle, narrowly missed being hit.

According to Lincoln Police Officer Erin Spilker, the driver, 42-year-old Joshua Ratkovec argued with the child’s father, 30-year-old Amilo Boone, before leaving to go get a knife at his house and coming back to confront him. Spilker says a fight ensued, with Ratkovec punching Boone and trying to reach for the knife.

Spilker says Ratkovec left and came back with knife, where the two men fought each other and Boone took possession of the knife and left a laceration across Ratkovec’s back.   Ratkovec then walked away, threatening Boone that he was going to get a gun and kill him.

Ratkovec was arrested at his home near NW 55th and West Leighton for terroristic threats and use of a weapon to commit felony. Boone faces a weapons charge and was arrested also for 2nd-degree assault.