City Adds Six Bison to Pioneers Park Herd

LINCOLN–(News Release Jan. 30)–Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird and the Parks and Recreation Department today announced that the City has added six new bison to the herd located at the Pioneers Park Nature Center (PPNC), 3201 S. Coddington Ave. The Nature Center is now home to 12 bison.

“Today we celebrate the arrival of new animals here at Pioneers Park, but not just any new animals. The American bison is a majestic symbol of our national identity and exists at the heart of the history of the North American prairie,” Mayor Gaylor Baird said. “The addition of these six new bison will give our community members and visitors more opportunities to experience them in one of Lincoln’s most beloved parks.”

The six female, yearling bison were purchased in early January for $9,000 ($1,500 each) through an auction by the Friends of Pioneers Park Nature Center. The bison were delivered in mid-January by the Crane Trust.

“With the crucial backing of the Friends group and from the Crane Trust, we are excited to continue the care and management of these bison, ensuring their well-being thrives in Lincoln. We look forward to more opportunities for our natural environment and the enrichment it brings to the lives of our residents and visitors,” said Jamie Kelley, PPNC Coordinator.

Bison were first introduced to Pioneers Park in 1931. The herd was most recently expanded in 2017 with three bison loaned from the Lee G. Simmons Conservation Park and Wildlife Safari in Ashland, Nebraska.

“Pioneers Park Nature Center is a jewel of Lincoln with its prairie, woodlands, and wetlands. The bison are iconic, and it’s all right here in our backyard. We hope everybody in Lincoln will come to see the new bison and explore all the Nature Center offers,” said Patrick Adams, Friends of Pioneers Park Nature Center board member.

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