City Asking For Racket Courts Input From The Public

Lincoln, NE (April 19, 2022) The Lincoln Parks and Recreation Department invites the public to complete a survey regarding racket courts in public parks. The survey is available through May 8 on Printed copies are available at the Parks and Recreation offices, 3131 “O” St., all city recreation centers, or by calling 402-441-7847.

The survey seeks input from racket sports participants about the location, frequency, and type of racket sports being played. Information gathered will be used to formulate a Racket Court Master Plan to help guide future improvements and expansion of racket courts in the city.

The Parks Department manages 19 parks that include tennis and pickleball courts. The locations are as follows:

Tennis courts

  • Air Park, NW. 44th and West Seward Street
  • Cooper Park, South Sixth and “D” streets
  • Densmore Park, 6701 S. 14th St.
  • Highlands Park, West Harvest Drive
  • Irvingdale Park, 1900 Van Dorn St.
  • Mahoney Park, 70th and Fremont streets
  • Peter Pan Park, North 32nd and “W” streets
  • Piedmont Park, South 48th Street and South Cotner Boulevard
  • Seacrest Park, South 70th and “A” streets
  • Tierra/Briarhurst Park, South 27th Street and Tierra Drive
  • Tyrell Park, North 67th Street and Baldwin Avenue
  • Woods Park, South 33rd and “J” streets

Courts for both tennis and pickleball

  • Ballard Park, 3901 N. 66th St.
  • Cooper Park, South Sixth and “D” streets
  • Eden Park, 46 Antelope Creek Rd.
  • Henry Park, South 44th Street and Cooper Avenue
  • Roberts Park, South 56th and Sumner streets
  • Roper Park East, North Eighth and Judson streets
  • Seng Park at University Place, North 49th and Garland streets
  • Tyrrell Park, North 67th Street and Baldwin Avenue
  • UPCO Park, North 40th and Adams streets

Pickleball courts

  • Peterson Park, 4400 Southwood Dr.