City Council Chair Objects to JPA for School Security

Mayor Beutler wants a Joint Public Agency to raise taxes for money to pay for more security in Lincoln’s public schools. City Council chair, Roy Christensen tells KFOR NEWS he’s not a fan of a JPA. On KFOR’s Lincoln Live, Christensen says one of the worst restrictions of the JPA agreement is School Resource Officers can only receive 30% of funding from the total generated, meaning for decades only 6 new SROs could be hired for middle schools. City leaders say a JPA lends transparency to the process, but Christensen wonders how there can be transparency when the mayor appoints himself to the JPA and names 2 other City Council members to the JPA. Christensen is also critical of the JPA agreement in that it only allows additional spending for additional administration for Community Learning Centers. Christensen says there’s a need for at least 6 more CLCs. Instead of a JPA, Christensen tells KFOR NEWS interlocal agreements would a better arrangement.




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