City Council Member Suffers Stroke

Lincoln, NE (April 9, 2021)  Lincoln City Council Member Roy Christensen is in a Lincoln Hospital recovering from what he termed a “small stroke”.  His statement, issued Friday afternoon, is as follows:

“I feel good and look forward to returning home tomorrow. 

I received my first dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine on Wednesday morning at  Pinnacle Bank Arena. Later in the day I began to experience a loss of feeling in my left arm and  left leg. On Thursday I consulted with my doctor and mostly rested at home. By Friday morning  my condition had not improved and my wife Ramiel drove me to the emergency room at CHI St.  Elizabeth. 

After a battery of tests it was determined that I suffered a small stroke and I was admitted for  further observation. I continue to experience a loss of feeling in my left arm and left leg  although I do have some feeling in my left hand. The doctors have told me they are unable to  positively connect the Pfizer shot to the small stroke or rule out a connection. 

Other than the loss of feeling in my left arm and left leg I feel good. As of now I expect to be  released from the hospital on Saturday and to resume a regular schedule next week including  attendance at Monday’s city council meeting, work at my office and campaign activity. 

Your prayers for me and my family are sincerely appreciated. “

Christensen is one of the six candidates who advanced from the City’s Primary Election and will be on the ballot in the May 4 General Election.

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