City Introducing New Fire Trucks And Medical Unit

Lincoln, NE (November 3, 2022) Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird and Lincoln Fire and Rescue (LFR) Chief Dave Engler today said three new additions to the City fire and rescue fleet will increase firefighter safety and enhance response times. The Mayor and Chief Engler welcomed two engines and an ambulance at Station 10, 4421 N. 24th St.

“Our new trucks and ambulance will help fortify the award-winning, life-saving assistance our residents count on – and receive – from our team at Lincoln Fire and Rescue,” said Mayor Gaylor Baird. “Investing in these vehicles also better protects our public safety personnel who do so much every day, and every night, to protect the lives and property of our residents.”

Funding for the equipment is part of a $8.4 million Cares Act Federal Grant to Lincoln Fire and Rescue. The two engines cost $611,156 each. The ambulance cost $286,000. Before being placed into service, the vehicles will be fitted with new equipment, such as hoses, tools and communications devices. All three vehicles are expected to be in use in three to five weeks.

Engler said the three vehicles represent a continuous effort by the City and LFR to invest in public safety. Most recently, LFR purchased seven new fire engines in 2019 for $3.5 million to replace aging vehicles that had high mileage and needed frequent repair.

“We are committed to the health and continual and ongoing maintenance of the fire apparatus because firefighter safety and work efficiency is paramount to protect both our firefighters and to serve and protect the community,” Chief Engler said.

Safety equipment on the new engines include advanced airbags, seatbelts and collision sensors. The new engines also feature galvanized frames, air ride suspension and updated emission control systems. The new ambulance is four-wheel-drive and features improved exterior lighting and a replaceable patient compartment that allows for money-saving updates to the vehicle.

The new engines will replace engines at Station 10 in the Landons Neighborhood and Station 14 in the Highlands Neighborhood. The ambulance will replace the vehicle at Station 3 in the Salt Creek Neighborhood, one of the busiest ambulances in the City. LFR will retire a 1996 fire engine for which replacement parts are no longer available and a 2006 fire engine that has a broken frame.

Lincoln Fire and Rescue is a combined fire and emergency services department. LFR responds to all 911 calls in Lincoln and in nearby communities that contract with LFR. Lincoln Fire and Rescue has received the Mission Lifeline Award from the American Heart Association for seven consecutive years – the last five being Gold Plus Awards.