City Provides Update on Street Maintenance Progress

LINCOLN—(News Release Dec. 20)—Lincoln Transportation and Utilities (LTU) today announced it completed 2,626 lane blocks of crack sealing preventative maintenance in fiscal year 2022-2023. That amount represents five times the amount of lane blocks completed since the program began in 2019, and underscores the City’s commitment to ongoing maintenance efforts, highlighting its dedication to improving street infrastructure.

Clay Engelman, LTU Transportation Maintenance Coordinator, said crack sealing is a routine but important process that preserves street conditions and helps prevent the formation of potholes that result from the winter freeze/thaw cycle. Due to LTU’s crack sealing and pothole patching work, pothole patching requests have decreased an average 13% since 2019, Engelman said.

“Lincoln continues to experience mild winter weather conditions. Due to the lack of moisture, we are increasing crack sealing maintenance while maintaining our pothole patching efforts,” Engelman said. “The Lincoln on the Move quarter-cent sales tax initiative to improve and grow our streets also helps to reduce the number of potholes as more streets are improved at a faster rate than what typical street funding would allow. This gives our team the opportunity to focus their effort and resources towards more preventative maintenance like crack sealing.”

Crack sealing uses hot pour rubber to shield street surfaces from moisture and debris, ultimately extending the lifespan of the street network. Using an air compressor and heat lance, LTU crews clear debris and moisture from cracks before applying a hot pour rubber sealer.

Engelman said a significant portion of LTU’s crack sealing efforts are focusing on an 11-mile portion of “O” Street between West 56th and East 98th streets. The project began in November and will continue through the next several months. Crack sealing is part of the City’s year-round maintenance strategy. The initiative reflects a commitment to addressing street maintenance comprehensively and underscores the city’s efforts to enhance safety, extend street life, and minimize disruptions for residents, Engelman said.

Drivers are encouraged to exercise caution around the crews and work areas. LTU appreciates the community’s cooperation in fostering a secure and efficient maintenance process.

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