City To Issue Citation To Defiant Bowling Alley

Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird and the Lincoln Lancaster County Health Department have announced that a citation will be issued to Madsen’s Bowling and Billiards if it continues to defy the Covid 19 mask mandate.

On Thursday, a District Judge refused to issue an injunction ordering the closing of the business, saying the Health Department already has the power to enforce its order.

The Mayor announced that an Attorney for Madsen’s reached out to City Officials to discuss how the business could comply.

The Mayor also announced that the Covid 19 risk dial will remain in the “Orange” range for the coming week, indicating a high risk of virus spread.  She noted that 25,000 students are about to return to Lincoln, increasing the risk of spread.

22 new cases of Covid 19 were confirmed today in Lincoln and Lancaster County.