Citywide Asphalt Sealing Project Begins August 4th

(KFOR NEWS  August 4, 2021)   Beginning Wednesday, August 4, Lincoln Transportation and Utilities (LTU) begins a citywide asphalt sealing project. This project is scheduled to be completed by August 11, weather permitting. The streets being treated include:

Wednesday, August 4

  • Northwest 10th Street from West Harvest Drive to Northwest Gary Street
  • North Ninth Street from Judson to Hartley streets
  • Fairfield Street from North 14th to North 20th streets
  • North 48th Street from Superior Street to the Small Vehicle Waste Transfer Station
  • Judson Street from North 60th Street to North 66th streets
  • North 63rd Street from Judson to Fremont streets
  • North 68th Street from Fremont Street to Morrill Avenue

Thursday, August 5

  • Wilshire Boulevard from Santa Monica to El Avado avenues
  • Randolph Street from South 56th Street to Sunrise Road
  • South 30th Street from Bonacum Drive to Calvert Street
  • Spruce Street from South 48th to South 56th streets
  • Deerwood Drive from Elkcrest Drive to South 67th Street

Friday, August 6

  • Seven Oaks Neighborhood
  • Briarhurst Neighborhood

Monday, August 9

  • Haymarket/Downtown – Eighth Street from “O” to “S” streets; Ninth Street from “R” to “S” streets; “S” Street from Eighth to Ninth streets
  • North 56th Street from Vine to Adams streets

Tuesday, August 10

  • Haymarket/Downtown – “P” Street from Seventh to Ninth streets; “R” Street from Eighth to Ninth streets
  • North 18th Street from “O” to “Q” streets
  • North 33rd Street from Holdrege Street to Madison Avenue

Wednesday, August 11

  • Haymarket/Downtown – “Q” Street from Seventh to Ninth streets
  • Old Cheney Road from South 40th Street to Nebraska Highway 2

This project will extend the life of the driving surface by stabilizing and preserving the asphalt. Each street will be closed for two to three hours while a liquid sealant is applied. After two hours, sand is applied and the street is reopened, but motorists are urged to drive slowly.

Motorists should not drive on the streets until they have reopened to avoid getting the liquid sealant on vehicles. Dry conditions are necessary for successful application, making the project schedule heavily dependent on the weather. Residents are encouraged to turn off all sprinklers the day before and the day of application.

LTU appreciates the public’s patience during this project and reminds travelers to exercise caution around work zones. LTU project dates are subject to change due to weather and unforeseen circumstances.

For more information on this project, visit (search: sealing) or contact James Puls, LTU, at 402-525-5641 or [email protected]. Current information on street closures is available at or through the Waze mobile app.

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