Coalition of LPS Teachers Demand Action Claiming Pandemic Continues to Threaten Safety

(KFOR NEWS  August 20, 2020)   LINCOLN — Safely Open Schools, a group of teachers, support staff, and parents in the LPS district are calling for  more accountability from administrators in the midst of the pandemic.  An email from MDW Communications, a full-service marketing agency specializing in digital and direct mail for political campaigns, non-profits, and corporate public affairs advocacy, states that while the district has unveiled a lengthy re-opening plan, the group has  stated that there were several key points the plan failed to address.

For example, protocols for reporting positive cases to the public, a plan to properly educate students, and specific social distancing measures in
schools were all missing from the document.  As the school year has gotten underway, we have already seen numerous positive cases and the potential for far more, as exposure to the virus has not been limited within each school building.   Educators who have spoken out with concerns have cited two key points.

First, the health and well-being of faculty and staff, the students, and the public has not been taken into account.  Per the reports of several faculty members, masks are not being worn by every student inside the building or during transportation — and the policy is not being enforced by administrators.  Regarding the students that are testing positive, the district has failed to notify parents, teachers, and the public in a timely manner.
Concerns also relate to the education of the students. Teachers are forced to cater to students in their classrooms as well as online, creating an environment not conducive to effective learning.  This plan has also extended the length of the workday as educators are working longer hours to
effectively manipulate their lesson plans to fit within this broken system.

SOS has stated that the district has and continues to fail their teachers due to a lack of care and communication. The administration and the school board must be held to account.

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