Congressional Candidates Addressed Gun Control During TV Debate

OMAHA–(KFOR June 13)–The issue of gun violence came up early during a TV debate Sunday night at Omaha’s KETV between Nebraska First District Congressional candidates Patty Pansing Brooks of Lincoln and Mike Flood of Norfolk.

Both differ on gun control proposals.

Pansing Brooks said she supports modest gun restrictions, but said she would support getting rid of military-style weapons and do more background checks for any gun purchase. Flood said he would support the arming of teachers, if local school boards feel that’s needed to enhance school safety.

“That is a decision that should be made at the local level, working with law enforcement,” Flood said.  “Making sure that when children walk into a facility, they are safe, they know that they can learn, grow and thrive.”

Pansing Brooks said the government can’t turn classrooms into war zones.

“That is not the solution to stopping guns. Stopping gun violence in our schools is not to have more guns, “she said.  “We saw that a good guy with a gun didn’t work in Uvalde (Texas).”

Pansing Brooks stated she supports the second amendment, believes in the ability to go hunt and protect the home, but more needs to be done to protect innocent people.  Flood said he’s not about infringing on the 2nd amendment rights of law-abiding Nebraskans.

Flood and Pansing Brooks, who are senators in Nebraska’s Legislature, are running in the June 28 special election to finish out the current term of former Congressman Jeff Fortenberry. Both will be matched against one another again in the November general election after winning party nominations in the May primary election to serve a new two-year term beginning in January.