Congressional Republicans React To Biden Speech

Washington, D.C.  (April 28, 2021)  Nebraska Republican U.S. Senator Deb Fischer issued a statement following President Biden’s address to Congress Wednesday night.

“In President Biden’s address tonight, he laid out a policy wish list that he wants Americans to pay for through major tax hikes. This is not fair to hardworking Nebraska families, communities, and small businesses. The American people expect the president to keep his word, deliver on his inaugural promise of bipartisanship and unity, and work with a 50-50 Senate to build consensus.”

First District Republican Congressman Jeff Fortenberry issued his statement several hours before the President’s speech:

“Our earlier bipartisan emergency measures to turn the corner on this harsh pandemic should not become an excuse for a hostile takeover by the federal government of every aspect of American life,” Fortenberry said.

“The question about the President’s expansive spending proposals outlined tonight is not whether we spend or not, but what makes sense.  Getting past COVID and ‘returning to normal’ also means returning to normal governance and normal government expenditures,” Fortenberry added.

Republican Senator Ben Sasse  zeroed in on Biden’s call for restrictions on American’s right to own guns.

“Our constitution protects law-abiding citizens’ right to bear arms. We’re not going to make America safer by going after responsible gun owners and calling for sweeping gun bans. Let’s enforce the laws on the books and crack down on violent criminals.”

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