Construction Season In Lincoln Will Result In $44-million In Street Investments

LINCOLN–(KFOR Mar. 2)–Significant improvements for the 2023 construction season across Lincoln will result in $44 million in street investments.

Investments include 20 projects to improve streets, sidewalks, and bridges, plus underground work for Lincoln Water System and Lincoln Wastewater System.  There will be 16 improvement and growth projects that include 14 miles of pipeline across the city.

The funding increases the City’s total street investment from 2019 to 2023 to $211 million. During that time, the City improved 141 lane miles of residential streets, and 123 lane miles of arterial streets. Additional federal funding will provide improvements to 52 StarTran bus stops and other locations that serve transit riders.

“Investing in streets across our community and within our neighborhoods is vital to growing economic opportunity, enhancing public safety, and supporting our high quality of life here in Lincoln,” said Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird. “With the support of our residents, we are investing in streets at historic levels. Our investments are improving our existing streets and constructing new ones that grow Lincoln.”


Courtesy of Lincoln Transportation and Utilities.

Lincoln Transportation and Utilities Director Liz Elliott on Thursday morning provided an overview of numerous upcoming projects including street improvements in the Capitol View, University Place, and Indian Village neighborhoods. Safe streets, intersections as well as modern underground infrastructure is always a priority for LTU, Elliott said.

“Lincoln’s street infrastructure is vital to connect our community to their loved ones, friends, businesses, entertainment, parks, and more,” said Elliott. “It’s also how StarTran transit riders get to their destinations safely, efficiently, and comfortably.”

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