Convicted Felon Admits to Business Owner About Stealing Handgun
Shawn Huntington. (Courtesy of Lancaster County Correctons)

FIRTH–(KFOR Sept. 13)–The owner of a Firth area business had fired a 51-year-old employee for allegedly taking his gun, after he initially not admitting to it.

This happened Tuesday at Dynamic Dirt Work and Demolition near 140th and Firth Road.

Lancaster County Chief Deputy Sheriff Ben Houchin says after he was fired from his job of two months, Shawn Huntington of Beatrice was stopped by deputies while on the way back to Beatrice and interviewed about stealing the gun, which he said he didn’t know what he was going to do with the weapon. Huntington is a convicted felon out of Gage County and was on probation for a 2013 offense of unlawful transport of a firearm and possession of a destructive device.

Huntington was put in jail for possession of a firearm by a prohibitive person.