County Bridge Opens East of Highway 79 on Agnew Road

(KFOR NEWS  October 20, 2022)  At the end of the day, there will be one less bridge closed in Lancaster County.

County Bridge D-88 located east of highway 79 on Agnew road opens today (Thursday).  Built in 1962 by the United States Department of Defense so missiles to the transported to silos in the area, the 26′ wide x 120′ long concrete support bridge was critically damaged in the 2015 flood and came very close to failing due to dramatic erosion issues.

The bridge was designed by Schemmer Associates, Inc. and constructed by JJK Construction at a cost of approximately $ 2,300,000.  The old bridge was replaced with a 209’, 5-span, continuous concrete slab bridge, which is rare.  These types of bridges are only 3 spans.  By making this bridge longer it will be more resilient to scour and bank failure in the future, which extends the life of this structure.

There’s still work to do on Lancaster County’s bridge infrastructure.  There still are 12 closed bridges and 27 bridges that need to be replaced.

The Lancaster County Engineer’s website has a complete listing of roads currently closed in Lancaster County at, or call 402-441-7681.