County Engineer Opens SW 2nd and Stagecoach Road

(KFOR NEWS  October 13, 2021)  Lancaster County Engineer, Pam Dingman, is opening SW 2nd St. and Stagecoach Road after being closed for a flood control structure (dam) rehabilitation
project on W. Stagecoach Rd. and the realignment of SW 2nd St. The roadway will open at Noon today (Wednesday, October 13th).

The structure is owned and operated by the Lower Platte South Natural Resources District (LPSNRD) and is known as Upper Salt Creek 3-A (Vergith Reservoir).  The road structure, built in 1955, is now upgraded to current design standards.  The project was funded by the USDA/NRCS Watershed Rehabilitation Program and LPSNRD.

Improvements were made to the dam height, width, principal spillway pipe, riser inlet, auxiliary spillway, and flood pool to meet current standards. In addition, approximately 2,600 feet of SW
2 nd was realigned around the structure.  The project was managed by LPSNRD and completed in cooperation with USDA/NRCS, Lancaster County Engineering, and the landowners.

The contractor was Van Kirk Brothers Contracting from Sutton, NE.

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