Covid Risk Remains High In Lancaster County

Lincoln, NE (December 28, 2021)  The latest data on Covid 19 in Lancaster County shows a slight drop over the past week.  On December 17, the county was averaging 145 cases per day.  The latest figures show that number has dropped to 131.  Health Director Pat Lopez opened her briefing, however, predicting there would be another spike upward after the Holidays.  Likewise, the rate of positive tests has dropped to just below 12% in the past week.

Lopez said “we are fortunate to have good availability of testing around our community.”  The Community has had a slight decrease in hospitalization, from 119 to 113 daily, over the past week.

Lopez said two deaths occurred today:  Both men, one in his 70’s and another in his 50’s, neither vaccinated.

Overall, she said, there has been no significant change in the local situation, leading to the Covid Risk Dial remaining in the high orange range, indicating a continuing high risk of spread.

Five cases of the Omicron Variant have been identified in Lancaster County.  Two have been tied to domestic travel, and a third to household spread.  The other two cases were labeled “Community Spread.”

Lopez urged members of the public to get vaccinated and boosted.  “Having had Covid 19 does not protect you from getting the new Omicron Variant” she said.  “If you haven’t yet received a vaccination, please get it now.”

52% of Lancaster County residents have received a booster, and 64% of the County’s residents are fully vaccinated.  About 25% of children 5 to 11 years old have been vaccinated.