COVID Update From Lincoln Public Schools

(KFOR NEWS  January 13, 2021)  A COVID update from Lincoln Public Schools this week shows more than 800 students are out, along with over 100 staff.  Nearly 50 new student cases of COVID have been reported this week…8 positive tests for staff. In 154 days since school resumed August 12th, there have been more than 12-hundred student test positive for the virus…just over 620 staff have tested positive.

Superintendent, Dr. Steve Joel, told the Board of Education Tuesday LPS is working with the health department to get information about vaccinations for staff when they become available for educators.

Dr. Joel also reported that the LPS Security and Threat Assessment Team is working with the Lincoln Police Department ahead of reports of possible protests next week to ensure that schools remain safe for students and staff.  More information will be communicated with staff and families by the end of the week in preparation for next week.

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