CRIME STOPPERS: Shoplift and Theft of Jewelry Cases Being Investigated

LINCOLN–(KFOR Dec. 20)–Crime Stoppers this week focuses on two cases, one of which involves shoplifting and the other on a theft from a kiosk inside a mall.

Lincoln Police forensics technician Becky Keller said on Dec. 12, officers were called to the CVS Pharmacy near 15th and South after two females were suspected of shoplifting.  When both suspects were asked by employees about an item they were holding, the two women started calling the staff by derogatory names repeatedly and caused a disturbance in the store.  One of the suspects shoved a box in the face of a clerk, hitting her glasses and nose.

Keller said both suspects left in a light-colored Chevy Malibu that had dark tire rims and In-Transits.

Photo provided by Lincoln Police.


Another case on Dec. 4 happened at a jewelry kiosk inside Gateway Mall, where an employee told police she was showing jewelry to a young man, when he grabbed them from her hands and took off.

Courtesy of Lincoln Police.

Keller said the piece of jewelry was a two-tone Jesus medallion worth $600 and a gold chain worth $1,000.

If you recognize any of these people in these photos, call Crime Stoppers at 402-475-3600 or visit

Courtesy of Lincoln Police.