Deputies Find Large Amount of Meth Smuggled in SUV’s Gas Tank During Wednesday Traffic Stop

LINCOLN–(KFOR Dec. 1)–A large drug bust Wednesday morning along eastbound Interstate 80 at the Lincoln Airport exit resulted in the seizure of 27 pounds of meth found in an SUV’s gas tank.

Meth seized from an SUV, after it was found in the fuel tank during a Wednesday morning traffic stop along I-80 near the Lincoln Airport. (Courtesy of the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office)












Lancaster County Chief Deputy Sheriff Ben Houchin says an SUV was pulled over for following too close and having a broken windshield. Investigators contacted the driver, 33-year-old Geovany Nercado, who gave consent to search the vehicle which led to the meth being found in the gas tank. Houchin says the packages of meth were found floating in fuel.

Nercado, who was heading to Omaha, was arrested for possession with intent to deliver meth.