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Taize’ Service at Saint Paul

What: Taize’ Service at Saint Paul

When: Saturday, January 12th from 6p to 7p

Where: Saint Paul United Methodist Church, 1144 M Street, Lincoln, Ne

Thousands of pilgrims from all over the world, mostly young people, have made their way to a hillside compound in eastern France since 1949. It was an area that had been torn apart by the war; people were on the run, hungry, haunted and in danger. In this place of great conflict, Brother Roger formed a community of prayer and reconciliation. The atmosphere is filled with silence, candles, icons, simplicity and beauty. In their desire to welcome others, the brothers include a diversity of languages in all things. It is important that each person can hear something in his or her own language. In their gatherings, the music is simple and distinct. A few words repeat over and over to form layers of sounds allowing all to participate through song or silence.

On January 12th, our Saturday evening worship at 6:00 pm will be in the style of worship from Taizé, France Church of Reconciliation. Invite your friends and family to join us in celebrating Epiphany in a new way.

    Saint Paul United Methodist Church
    1144 M Street
    Lincoln, NE United States