Explanation Given on Why Airline Provider Won’t Issue Refunds After Shutting Down

LINCOLN–(KFOR Oct. 17)–Hundreds of customers of the now defunct Red Way Airlines are still waiting for refunds, after the air service ended abruptly in late August.

But according to KFOR’s media partner, 10/11 News, is a report they published early Tuesday afternoon, a statement from the Lincoln Airport Authority said they were informed by Fly Next, who did business as Red Way, that those refunds are suspended due to money owed by the Lincoln Airport and municipalities.

Red Way apparently won’t be making the refunds until the Airport and Lancaster County provides the final installment of American Rescue Plan money that’s contractually owed, which which is about $700,000 out of the $3-million that was allocated for Red Way to function.

The Lincoln Airport is doing their own, independent audit and final payment won’t be made until that’s been completed. State Auditor Mike Foley is also doing his own audit of how the money was handled.