Extra Sales Tax Collections Spur Political Potshots

Cyndi Lamm (Courtesy Photo)

Lincoln City Council Member and widely presumed Mayoral candidate Cyndi Lamm criticized Mayor Chris Beutler Thursday over sales tax collections.

Lamm released a statement saying the Mayor’s office should take a more active role in protecting residents and visitors from being overtaxed and businesses from being caught unaware when City taxes are scheduled to be reduced. “Our local businesses should not have to scroll a Twitter feed or pick up a newspaper to know when they might need to adjust their tax collections downward. It’s not right to suggest business owners to set their watches in February for something that may happen in October,” said Lamm.

The mayor’s office issued a statement later Thursday afternoon saying Lamm’s News Release “reflects a total misunderstanding of the notification process and a lack of research.” The Mayor said the Nebraska Department of Revenue is responsible by statute to be the sales tax administrator for the State and for cities, and added “that agency has fulfilled its responsibilities for officially notifying businesses of the recent sales tax changes.”

Lincoln’s voter-approved, three-year, quarter-cent sales tax ended October 1, but reports indicate some local businesses were still charging the extra tax after that date.



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