FEMA Extends PA Grant Application Deadline to May 20

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has extended the deadline for public entities and certain nonprofit organizations to request Public Assistance (PA) grants to help reimburse some of the cost of damages resulting from the March winter storm and flooding. The new deadline is May 20,2019.

At the request of the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), FEMA extended the deadline from April 20 because of the magnitude of the disaster and continuing response and recovery activities.

Public Assistance is FEMA’s largest grant program, providing funds to assist public entities responding to and recovering from major disasters or emergencies declared by the President. The program provides emergency assistance for protective measures, debris removal and repair or replacement of public facilities damaged by the disaster.

Government entities and private nonprofit organizations should contact their local emergency manager for more information.

Emergency managers are listed online at: nema.nebraska.gov/overview/county-emergency-management-directorscoordinators

For more information, visit: nema.nebraska.gov/recovery/public-assistance

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