Fire Late Tuesday Night at a Northeast Lincoln Home

LINCOLN–(KFOR Nov. 22)–Around $150,000 damage was done to a house that caught on fire late Tuesday night in northeast Lincoln.

LFR spokesperson MJ Lierman says crews were called to the scene on the northwest corner of 68th and Orchard, where a fireplace in the basement burned too hot and burned through piping, and impacted all three levels of the house, from the basement to the attic. No one was hurt.

The Red Cross helped in providing assistance for the residents to find a place to stay for now.

11:54pm Tuesday

LINCOLN—(KFOR Nov. 21)—A house fire late Tuesday night at a northeast Lincoln home kept firefighters busy.

Lincoln Firefighters work around the chimney of a house at 68th and Orchard while handling a house fire. (Jeff Motz/KFOR News)

Lincoln Fire and Rescue crews were called shortly after 10:30pm to a home on the northwest corner of 68th and Orchard, where smoke was seen coming from the upper floor of the home.  It appeared the fire may have centered around the chimney area.