First Black Woman To Win Winter Olympic Gold In Speedskating Returns To Inlines In Lincoln

(KFOR NEWS  June 30, 2022)   The National SpeedSkating Circuit, the professional league for inline speedskating, makes its return to Lincoln NE, for NSC 34.

If you haven’t seen professional inline speedskating before, you are in for a treat.  It has all the excitement of any racing sport, plus some added twists and turns.  You can expect to see athletes race around a 100-meter wooden oval track at speeds close to 30 mph.  Among the list of elite athletes competing is Erin Jackson, who made a name for herself as the first Black woman to win an Olympic gold medal in long track speed skating during the 2022 Beijing Olympic Games.  Many of the long track Olympic speed skaters got their start competing in the world of inline speed skating, and Erin is one of the best of them.

On July 17th at the Speedway Sports Complex in Lincoln, you’ll get to see how an Olympic gold medalist fares against some of the world’s best woman inline speed skaters.
We are beyond thrilled to bring NSC 34 to Lincoln, NE, and share this amazing sport with the local community in Lincoln,” said league President Miguel Jose. “The event is open to all ages, and kids under 5 get in FREE,” he added.

The concept of the NSC is to find out who the best overall male and female speed skaters are in the world.  The men and women are divided into two categories, sprinters and endurance.  Both men and women in the sprint category race a 300 meter and 500 meter in their respective divisions and on the endurance side, the men race a 1000 meter and a 1600 meter, while the women race a 1000 meter and 1300 meter.  The top 3 overall sprinters and the top 3 overall endurance skaters move on to the Grand Champion Main Event which is an 800-meter middle distance race.  Winners of the 800-meter Grand Champion Race for the men and women are awarded the coveted “Black Suit,” along with prize money for their accomplishment.

My last time racing NSC was in Spokane, WA, during NSC 32. I made a pass into first place on the last straightaway of the last lap in the Grand Champions Race, and just couldn’t hold the corner. I was so close to winning the title of Grand Champion.  I am looking forward to another opportunity in Lincoln,” said Olympic gold medalist Erin Jackson.

Tickets are available for the event on our website at, as well as at the door.  It’s $20 for admission and the event starts at 6:30pm, July 17th at the Speedway Sports Complex. Doors open at 5:30pm.

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